Whether it’s your 4-year-old who wants a barbie doll cake or your dad celebrating his 70th birthday, a custom cake will truly be the cherry on top. Make your event more memorable. Personalized desserts create memories that last a lifetime so that maybe one day you will be the one receiving the custom cake!
Tips On Choosing Your Custom Cake
From cakes and pies to cookies and donuts, the custom dessert options are endless. From there, you have to decide what kind of icing, filling, or topping you want, and that’s just the beginning! Let our bakers guide you along the way to your dream custom designed dessert. Read below to learn about how to choose your custom cake.
  • Theme: Take into accountability the receiver of the cake and their overall uniqueness. Show who they truly are through a custom cake, uniquely designed for them. If you have pictures of past creations or inspiration photos, make sure you show them to the baker. It’s all hands on deck in this operation, so the more communication and understanding the better.
  • Ask for Advice: The baker cheffing up your cake is a pro, so they definitely have some pro tips! Things to discuss with your baker include the budget, flavor of cake, and even themes. The baker will help you choose frosting combinations and color ideas that stay within your budget, all awhile customizing a unique dessert for you.
  • Past Work: Check out the baker’s portfolio so you can see their past creations and decide if you like their work. Certain styles, whether it’s more cartoon or realistic, are important to take note of when you’re creating your custom dessert. See their style, but make it yours with your custom ideas.
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