Wedding trends evolve in popularity over the years and sometimes find a way of circling back. Rustic barn weddings, flowers in mason jars, brides donned in cowboy boots, soft colors, and photos in sweeping meadows. This current trend has seemed to replace and dominate the classic ballroom wedding scene in the last couple of years. Less common is monogrammed linens, silver candlesticks, huge bouquets of roses, and fine china. Couples are turning to less traditional options that showcase their personality, including the iconic wedding cake. While the wedding cake will most likely never go out of style, some couples are choosing unique dessert items tailored to the theme of their wedding. With the inception of Pinterest, the possibilities are endless on the list of big-day ideas. Below are just a few trends to watch for this year.


Holy matrimony, a hole lotta love, donut want this night to end, donut ever let me go! Donuts are a fun, charming, and unexpected way to showcase your witty puns and love for each other. Couples can stack the donuts into a tiered shaped traditional wedding cake or jump onboard to the hottest trend, a donut hanging wall. A donut wall can be simple or elaborate wood in grid formation allowing guests to “grab and go”. This fun style is ‘instagrammable’ and allows customization on the wood with the saying of your choice, or even a monogram. Donut walls can completely replace your wedding cake or stand alone as part of a snack bar after your guests need a little energy from cutting it loose on the dance floor. 


We can really get behind this idea! Pies are versatile because of the many flavor options, and couples are even asking for this traditionally treat to don a stick. The bite-sized option of adding a stick allows guests to try multiple flavors. There is nothing quite as iconic and American than apple pie, have fun with the theme with a play on words “you are the apple of my pie”. 

Cake Push Pops

Do you remember push pops as a kid? Either frozen or in sucker form, this was probably something you nagged your mom for when you were at the grocery store. If so, you are in luck because the trend grew up! Picture all the goodness of wedding cake stuffed into a completely portable and non-messy form. Couples can customize the frosting colors to coordinate with their wedding theme and they are a fun alternative to a traditional cake. These fun cake pops can also easily double as a wedding favor because of their portability status. 


Up your fun factor! The traditional campfire treat is turning heads as a wedding treat and is especially fitting for outdoorsy-type couples. This fun treat can be served as a do-it-yourself station with tons of unexpected add-ins such as bacon, peanut butter cups, cookies instead of graham crackers, cookie butter, candies, and more! Just be sure to add wet wipes because of this treat, while fun, can be sticky! 

Rice Crispy Treats 

You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like rice crispy treats, versatile because of its gluten-free status and moldable into many different forms, rice crispy treats are an unexpected choice that will be talked about favorably from your guests! 

Cookies and Milk

That bright blue iconic monster on Sesame Street was onto something. Individual and personalized glasses of milk with a fresh and delicious cookie on top will bring out your guests inner-child and make them smile. If you are not ready to substitute the whole wedding cake for this fun trend, consider it as a late-night snack or parting gift for your guests. 

Whether you choose traditional or non-traditional, your wedding day is something you will remember forever and your dessert choice should reflect your personality and style. Angie’s Sugar Buzz Bakery was voted best bakery by “Best Things Illinois” for our delicious cakes. We are always looking for creative ideas and welcome customer feedback on our sweets and services. We proudly offer a wide selection of desserts and treats for any occasion. To learn more about our treats and cakes, visit us online or call us today (815)786-7774