Wedding season is here! Do you know what kind of cake you want? The traditional significant moment of cutting the cake not only is a happy one but a tasty one. Make your wedding delectable by picking the perfect wedding cake for you and your spouse. The history of the wedding cake goes way back. It’s not just a delicious treat, it’s a form of art, ceremony, and participation. This will be the first thing you and your spouse eat as a married couple. A picture of the cake will be taken right before the happy couple shoves cake in their faces. Make sure your cake photo ready and stop by Angie’s Sugar Buzz Bakery for decadent, gorgeous cakes. 

Types of Cakes:

Layered Tier Cake
  1. 1. Layered: Tiers are necessary for layered cakes to keep the cake from collapsing. The tiers are made of either dowel rods, cake plates, or separator plates. Most cakes tend to be layered. 
  • 2. Traditional: If you’re going for a more traditional look, these cakes are generally tiered cakes that are round or square, layering in a pyramid-like formation. 
  • 3. Modern: Modern or geometric cakes are angled shapes, like squares, hexagons, triangles, and even circles. For a pop of color or a little contrast, a modern cake might be a perfect fit for you.
4. Ombre:  If you don’t want your cake to be too bright of a color, an ombre cake is a way to go (A subtle color change). The ombre cake is a nice way to add a little more color to your wedding without making the cake one solid color. A color fade will not only be aesthetically pleasing but will be a centerpiece of ooh’s and ah’s.
5. Drip cakes: Like the title, it’s a drizzle or a drop of flavor, it runs down the side of your cake like a drop of water. 
Layered Three Tiered Cake

6. Marble Cakes: A marble-like appearance is always classy and will work with any theme! 
7. Metallic Cakes: A metallic cake sparkles but tastes amazing! It doubles as a room decoration! 
8. Naked cakes: Naked cakes are rising in popularity, due to their rustic yet elegant appearance. A naked cake means either the cake doesn’t have icing or has a little icing. The sponge cake is the most dominant to the eye. This style looks great for barn weddings. 

Design Ideas
: There’s a lot you can do when it comes to designing your wedding cake. Most importantly make sure the cake goes with the theme and what you like! Designing a cake is a fun and delicious process. The cake is essentially the centerpiece and will be the center of attention for you and your spouse's first delicious treat as a married couple!

Make your wedding cake a show stopper and stop by Angie’s Sugar Buzz Bakery today! We are proud to say we make all of our cakes and treats are baked on premises, ensuring the freshness you would expect from a premium bakery. For more information visit our website at today!