As the temperatures continue to fall and the landscape will soon be covered in the soft, powdery snow, it is clear winter is in full swing.

While drinking plenty of hot chocolate and putting up the Christmas tree are certainly highlights of the season, there is one part of winter that is impossible not to look forward to: The holiday cookies!. There are few things better than being surrounded by family and friends while eating mouth-watering comfort foods. But make sure you save some room for dessert because the Christmas cookies will be out in full force. 

Here are a few types of cookies that we will be diving into not only this Christmas but for many Christmases to come. These are recipes we’ll certainly be making and craving all year round. Warning: Reading this list will cause immediate hunger and intense cookie cravings. The only remedy is to give in to temptation and indulge in what your sweet tooth is telling you. 

Decorated Christmas Cutout Cookies
These are a must for around the holidays. The recipe is very simple and does not take long to make at all. These will also entertain kids of all ages as they try to decorate their favorite cutout. As you get ready for the parties these are always welcome by anyone. Here is a great recipe to try!

Gingerbread Men

These cookies take a little longer to make but are still a great holiday selection! The classic Gingerbread man will always light up a party. They are also great for having kids decorate them. Here is a wonderful recipe to test out.

Peanut Butter Blossom

This type of cookie can not go unnoticed on any cookie platter. A very recognizable and delicious treat. They are simple to make and do not take all that long. Your friends and family will be begging you for more! Try out this recipe this holiday season!

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